Locksmith Training and Job Opportunity

Start a new lucrative career as an independent locksmith. Discount Locksmith offers free locksmith training to qualified and self motivated individuals who are looking for a great career opportunity. First, please read all the details below for more information and then contact us to get started!

How can we offer free locksmith training?

We created the best solution for customers. We have been expanding nationwide, and we need qualified trained technicians. As a service to the community, we offer free training to people all over the U.S., and we hope to pick up the best technicians, to contract with us.

Who can join the training?

Anyone, over the age of 18, from anywhere in the U.S., with legal residency in the U.S., with clean background, and with a driver license.

How much is it?*

The training is free. You will not pay us a dime for training and support.

What expenses do I have while in training?

You may need to pay for traveling and accommodation expenses if we don’t offer the training in your area.

Do I need to buy tools?

You do not need to buy tools initially, but clearly if you want to work as a locksmith after training, you will need to buy your own tools.

Training Program:*

  • Free basic locksmith training skills:
    • Car lockout
    • House lockout
      Only successful graduates of the first week may be invited to contract with us and perform jobs for our customers.
  • Additional training modules $1,000:
    • Residential lock change and rekeying
    • Commercial locks change and rekeying
    • High security locks
    • Making car keys (basic)
    • Change and repair vehicle ignition
    • Making and programming car keys

*The training is free, but we reserve the rights to reject any candidate, and any trainee, at any time before and/or during the training, at our sole and absolute discretion. We are primarily looking for technicians that can provide quality service to our customers. Further, there is no guarantee of employment and there is no guarantee that we will contract with you after you complete the training.

Any training and business relationship may only be provided based on the terms and conditions of any written agreements between you and us.

Want to train as a locksmith technician?

For details contact us by following
the instructions below:

Step 1: Text your name to

Step 2: After you text your name, please call

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