Our Locksmith Opportunity & Benefits

Whether you own a locksmith business, are a self employed locksmith, or an entrepreneur looking to get into an entirely new industry, we can provide a solution to help you succeed in the locksmith trade.

Self Employed Locksmith
Are you an individual looking for a new career or a locksmith looking to get more jobs?

Locksmith Business
Do you operate a locksmith business and are looking to grow and expand your business?

Business Entrepreneur
Are you a business entrepreneur looking for an opportunity in a new industry?

Different Programs To Meet Different Needs

Depending on your goal and resources we offer two different programs. Within these programs we customize the options to best meet your needs and requirements thus giving you your best chance for success.

Guided Program - Program Option #1
In our guided program we help provide marketing and support services while you keep 100% of all revenues.

  • Pay one-time $150 startup fee
  • Once jobs start coming in, pay $150 a week promo fee
  • Plus $150 a week per 50 calls dispatched
  • All other expenses are paid to third party vendor
  • You keep 100% of all job revenue

Joint Venture - Program Option #2
In our Joint Venture program we become partners and split advertising costs and revenue from completed jobs.

  • We split 50/50 expenses of “Getting Started”
  • You purchase and own all your tools
  • We split advertising costs 50/50
  • We split all job revenues 50/50
  • You can take jobs as a tech and get paid 50%

We work with only one person/company per territory per service category - to ensure exclusivity and quality of services.

Getting Started
We help get your business up and running.

  • Build a website, custom invoices, business cards, company t-shirts, vehicle magnets or vinyl graphics: $495 (paid to vendor)
  • Tools if necessary (cost varies and paid to vendor)
  • Advertising (paid to Google or other advertisers)

À La Carte Services
Additional services can be added on as needed.

  • Training, starts at $995
  • Marketing Management, starts at $100 /wk
  • Unique Branding/ Marketing: Names, logos: included
  • Call Center Services, starts at $150/wk
  • Dispatching to your technicians, starts at $150/wk

Our Locksmith Program Features

Lucrative Opportunity
Join our locksmith partnership and benefit from our 10+ years of experience and use the programs and systems we've developed to grow and manage our locksmith business. Most independent locksmith technicians earn over $75,000 a year and locksmith company owners have even more earning potential.*

Be Your Own Boss
As an independent locksmith your opportunities and earning potential isn't limited by a set salary or hourly pay. The more you learn the more you can earn!

Fast Start-Up Time
No worries! Our locksmith training course gets you started quickly by teaching you the basics of car and house lockouts. Many students start working and earning within a week** with just these basic skills while they continue training for more advanced and higher earning skills.

Low Start-Up Costs
We start training you the basics for free. Once you're ready to start working your only costs are your own tools and transportation. Get started with just the basic tools and, as you learn and earn more, continue training for more advanced skill that enable you to earn more money and buy tools as needed!

We train on all aspects of performing the work itself and managing a company. Training is one-on-one, hands-on training, catered to the individual needs, and can include: how to perform the jobs, what equipment and inventory to buy, where to buy the equipment and inventory, how to sell the jobs to customers, how to advertise in a cost effective way, and how to manage the accounting, administration, recruiting and marketing aspects of the business.

$995 includes 5-15 days of hands on, one-on-one training.

We save you a lot of money by helping you advertise where advertising is cost effective. We create websites, domains, and social media pages for your exclusive use, and help you set up accounts with google and other third party advertise.

Unique Branding & Marketing
We provide you with an established brand identity, a unique name for your business, logos, graphics, artwork, and branded marketing material.

Keep 100% of Revenue
Sick of paying 50% or more in advertising company fees or losing money just trying to get leads from PPC, Yelp or HomeAdvisor? We help you get your own jobs! We get customers in your area to call your business directly and you keep 100% of the money you collect for every job.

We Answer Phones & Dispatch Jobs
Running a business, providing locksmith service and trying to answer the phone all at the same time can be overwhelming. We answer the phones from clients, take the jobs and send you the work order. Our dispatchers know your business and are trained to help locksmith customers.

Answering Services:
Up to 50 calls: $150 per week
51-100 calls: $300 per week
Each additional 50 calls block: +$100 per week

Distribute Jobs:
Up to 50 Jobs or up to 5 techs: $150 per week
51-100 calls or 6-10 techs: $300 per week
Each additional 50 calls block or 5 tech block: +$100 per week

Exclusive Area
We only work with a single locksmith service provider in each area ensuring that all jobs received go directly to you. Whether you provide locksmith service to just a single area or are looking to grow your business to multiple cities or even multiple states, we work exclusively with you to grow your business and maximize profits.

* Estimated yearly earnings based on average full-time tech and job availability and the number and type of jobs completed. Certification requirements enabling you to work vary by state. Some states require full certification and-or a background check before you can work as a locksmith technician. Other restrictions and requirements may apply. Make sure you are familiar and compliant with your local laws & regulations. This is not a business opportunity. This is not a franchise. There are no franchise fees, there are no upfront business opportunity fees nor ongoing royalties. This website is providing information regarding locksmith marketing consultation, locksmith advertising and locksmith business support as part of a partnership. The communications made through this web site should not be construed as an offer to sell a franchise or business opportunity. See contract for details. Services and prices are not offered without a written agreement of all fees, commitments and obligations of Us and the client. We reserve the rights to reject any partner candidate at any time at our sole and absolute discretion. Please review all terms and conditions and contact a representative for full details.

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