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  We answer the phone and take the job.

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  Last year we passed almost 100,000 jobs to locksmith technicians.

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  We have passed almost 100,000 jobs last year to independent contractor technicians.

  We want to have the largest presence online and benefit from the jobs in certain markets.

  However, often we get jobs in areas that we have no technicians. We don’t want to see these jobs go to waste. If you are willing to service our customers in these areas, we are happy to pass them to you, as long as you are a qualified technician.

What do I need to qualify?

  You need to be a qualified locksmith technician.

  You need to agree to be listed on our websites as our local independent contractor Discount Locksmith Technicians. You need to submit to us your photo, name, and main address of service.

  You need to agree not to charge more than the Discount Locksmith prices advertised.

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  • Training: $995 includes 5+ days of hands on, one-on-one training.
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  • Answering Services:
    • First 10 calls: $200 per week
    • Each additional 30 calls block: +$100 per week