Advance Your Career with Lishi Approved Training!

Lishi Tools have become part of a locksmith’s career through the years. They are not just easy to use, but when used and handled correctly, it will last a lifetime. Having the proper knowledge, understanding, and training in using them primarily as a locksmith is necessary.

Because of this, Locksmith Training School caters Lishi Approved Training that aims to promote excellence in every locksmith work. Each Training will have certified trainers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field to train locksmiths!

Locksmiths generally do not need a specialized degree, but completing a formal training program is ideal for most locksmiths who are eyeing to be successful in the field. Indeed, becoming a locksmith requires a wide range of skills that you have to continue improving over time.

Why Choose Locksmith Training School?

Whether you are a beginner starting your career to become a locksmith or you are an experienced individual who basically wants to broaden your skills to earn more successfully, or you could be someone who is looking to boost your locksmith skills into the area of Auto Locksmith work, Locksmith Training School got it all for you.

Look no further because you can train to be a certified locksmith technician at Locksmith Training School! There are five different modules of in-person locksmith training that you can take at your own pace.

In Locksmith Training School, you have the option to choose from its five training modules that are tailored to your choice of skills, what you want, and need to learn. As you go along with your choice of training, you can definitely apply what you learn by working right away. You also have the option to take all five courses that would cover all the essential skills you need to learn – from the simple car and home lockouts and lock changes to more advanced ones such as car key replacement and business access control services.

If you want to train specifically into the area of Auto Locksmithing, you will learn, such as Auto-Lock Opening, Lock Decoding, and Key Cutting!

Auto-Lock Opening

In this course, all the basics of Auto locks and methods of entry will be covered. Primarily, Lishi Picks and Non-Destructive Entry will be highly emphasized, although other tools will be highlighted as well. Taking this course will equip you on how to gain entry into a car without damaging its locks.

Lock Decoding and Key Cutting

For a more advanced course, this will give you extensive knowledge about locks. Here you will be taught how to decode a lock and cut keys using the information you learned from decoding. The course includes modules that will further go through topics like Transponders. This course will equip you with knowledge on how to gain entry into a vehicle, decoding locks, cutting new keys, and re-program transponders. Eventually, as you learn more, you will be able to deliver services to the general public when it comes to Auto Car Opening, Key Cutting, and Transponder Programming!

Formal training programs mostly cover the basics of locksmithing. It includes locksmith mechanism structure, security, and safety features, how to pick locks, repair it, and how to make keys. You can choose the training path that you think best fits your goals in your journey of becoming a locksmith.

The training could last from one to five weeks, depending on your set pace for yourself. On the job training, and hands-on practices are offered where you can learn quickly and eventually apply it to earn promptly. And at the end of each course, there is an examination covering the skills gained during the training.

Locksmith Training School holds professional certification and license, which prove its credibility and skills in this competitive field.