Gate Lock Installation & Repair

Need to replace or repair your gate locks? Our mobile locksmiths are Technicians Available for gate lock installation, lock repairs, gate lock rekey and upgrades!

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backyard gate lock installation
Backyard gate lock installation with key lock and latch.

Backyard Gate Latch & Lock

Installing a gate lock can improve home, property and backyard security for your family, children and pets. A simple latch may keep a gate closed but won't prevent unwanted trespassers from easily coming and going, children from easily opening or pets accidentally opening a backyard gate. A properly working gate latch or handle with a lock can provide increased security and safety for your home.

Gate Lock Installation

Discount Locksmith can install a new gate latch and lock that will meet you security needs. We can install anything from a simple gate latch with a lock, a heavy duty drop rod with a padlock to a high security deadbolt or electronic keypad lock with handle.

metal gate handle and deadbolt
Custom metal gate handle and deadbolt installation.

Custom Installed Gate Lock

Discount Locksmith can provide custom gate lock installation on wood fences, metal fences and iron gates. We can install a stainless steel metal door guard plate and door reinforcer. If needed we can weld a gate lock box on metal gates with a mortise gate lock and handle.

security gate keypad lock installation
Installation of a security gate electronic keypad lock.

Security Gate Lock Installation

Have security gates on your property at your business on in your warehouse? Discount Locksmith can install keyless lock for better access control. We can install keyless locks on your security gates such as electronic keypad locks, wireless card readers and smart locks. Better manage and monitor secure area access with smart gate locks. Call now for immediate service or to schedule an appointment.