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A high security key as seen on TV during a special news segment about improving home security. Watch the report.

Install high security locks

How secure are your existing door locks? Most door locks and deadbolt can be picked by burglars within seconds. Improve your home security and deter would be burglars by making it more difficult for them to break into your home by installing high-security door locks. High security locks are virtually impossible to pick or bump open and are made with stronger metal and hardened pins that are resistant to being drilled.



What is a high security lock?

According to LockWiki.com high security locks are simply defined as locks that provide increased resistance to compromise. Most high security locks are locks that have specific designs that make it extremely difficult to pick or force open. Below is a list and description of the characteristics of a high security lock:

  • Restrictive Keyways – The use of complex keyways to make it harder to insert and maneuver tools within the lock and be able to pick the lock.
  • Key Control – The ability to control and limit the duplication and distribution of keys for a lock by having key bows and warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized duplication. Keys to high security locks generally require a security card or code and require a specialized key cutting machine.
  • Key Differs – High security locks traditionally offer a very high number of real and theoretical key differs to prevent cross keying and allow for complex master keying configurations.
  • Manipulation Resistance – Most high-security locks have components designed to resist manipulation from lockpicking and decoding attacks.
  • Destructive/Forced Entry Resistance – All high-security locks use strong materials and designs that make them resistant to destructive entry techniques.
  • High Manufacturing Tolerances – Increased concern over the tolerance of components to provide a manipulation-resistant and functional lock accompanies most high-security locks. Increased tolerances also help to increase the number of available component sizes or depths and promote longevity of the lock.

When purchasing a new lock be sure to check the official security rating of the locks. A lot of cheaper made locks may claim to be high security but don’t actually provide the added security you may need. If you are unsure about what type of lock will meet your needs; a professional locksmith technician can answer your questions and make a recommendation.