Ignition Lock Issues

What to Do If Your Vehicle’s Ignition Lock Is Having Issues

Imagine this scenario: you’re headed out for an important meeting or a long-awaited road trip, and when you insert the key into your car’s ignition, it just won’t turn. Perhaps the key gets stuck, or maybe it won’t go in at all. Ignition lock issues can be frustrating and stressful, but fear not! In this article, we will explore some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve ignition lock problems.

  1. Check the Key. Before assuming an issue with the ignition lock, inspect your key. Over time, keys can become worn or damaged, leading to difficulties when inserting or turning them in the ignition. Examine your key for signs of wear, such as bent or jagged edges. If you notice any damage, it might be time to get a new key cut or contact your car dealer for a replacement.
  2. Lubricate the Lock. Another common cause of ignition lock issues is a lack of lubrication. Over time, dirt, debris, or lack of use can cause the lock cylinder to become dry, making it difficult for the key to turn smoothly. Applying a graphite-based lubricant to the lock can help improve its functionality. Be cautious not to use any liquid-based lubricants as they can attract dirt and create more problems.
  3. Wiggle the Steering Wheel. Sometimes, the ignition lock can get stuck due to a tension lock mechanism tied to the steering wheel. If you find that your key won’t turn, try gently wiggling the steering wheel left and right while attempting to turn the key at the same time. This action may release the tension and allow the key to turn freely.
  4. Utilize a Spare Key. If you have access to a spare key for your vehicle, give it a try. In some cases, a specific key may have worn down more than another, causing issues in turning the lock. Switching to a different key might solve the problem.
  5. Seek Professional Assistance. If you’ve tried all these steps and your vehicle’s ignition lock still refuses to cooperate, it’s time to call in the professionals. An experienced mobile locksmith can quickly diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring

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door lock repair

24/7 Home and Business Door Lock Repair and Rekey

Lost keys, broken or worn out locks that stick or won’t turn? Rather than replacing the entire door lock knob or handle, the quicker and more affordable option is to repair or rekey the existing lock. This can be done by removing and replacing the existing lock cylinder with a new one or just replacing the pins inside the lock cylinder.

Lock Cylinder Replacement

Technicians can remove the existing lock cylinder form the knob or handles and then replace it with a new cylinder. They can either make you new keys for the lock or set up the new cylinder pins to work with your existing keys.

Rekey Door Lock

Another option is rather than replacing the entire lock cylinder, technicians can remove the existing cylinder and then just replace the springs and pins within the cylinder so that it works like new. Again, the technician can either set up the repaired cylinder with new keys or rekey the cylinder to work with your existing keys.

Discount Locksmith of Tucson technicians are Technicians Available, seven days a week for emergency lockout services, locks repairs, installations or to make new replacement keys. Call now for either immediate service or to schedule an appointment.

Discount Locksmith Scottsdale

Discount Locksmith LLC Expands 24 Hour Mobile Service to Scottsdale, Arizona

Discount Locksmith LLC, a National 24/7 lock and key company is now providing mobile locksmith service for auto, home and business in Scottsdale.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.April 25, 2017PRLog — Discount Locksmith LLC, a locksmith company based out of Mesa, Arizona, has announced they have started offering 24 hour mobile locksmith service in Scottsdale, AZ. The company, which started offering their discounted locksmith rates in January of 2016, has rapidly grown throughout the last year in the Metro Phoenix area. Discount Locksmith LLC has partnered with some highly experienced and professional locksmith service providers in the area and are excited to offer their alternative business pricing model and promotions to customers in the area. With the expansion of their service and the addition of more mobile locksmith technicians they are now able to offer 24 hour, seven day a week service to Scottsdale.

“What separates Discount Locksmith from most other locksmith service providers is our clear, up-front locksmith pricing business model.” says Jerry, Marketing Director of Discount Locksmith. “Not only does Discount Locksmith offer internet special pricing with huge discounts of over 50% off regular locksmith rates, we publish a price list of our locksmith services our website so that customers know exactly how much they are going to pay for their service with a clear breakdown of the costs.”

Discount Locksmith believes that price-conscious consumers appreciate the up-front business model where they can get clear pricing from the company website and are then provided a written quote before any work begins. Locksmith service pricing and costs can be tricky to quote before a technician can inspect what needs to be done. Due to different makes and models of vehicles, locks, and hardware on home doors and business, there a a lot of considerations that come into play that can drive up costs on the services being provided. Discount Locksmith has been able to offer their affordable rates by changing their advertising methods. “More and more people are using and getting their information through social media. Instead of spending ad money on traditional advertising, we offer customers huge discounts and only ask that they share their experience on their social media pages.” says Jerry. “We’ve found that customer satisfaction has increased. Most are happy that a minute of their time can save them a lot of money, sometimes hundreds of dollars. They can still get the same high-quality service for around half the cost and this enables us to generate sales through testimonials and referrals rather than traditional advertising methods.”

Discount Locksmith LLC is currently expanding their discount locksmith service nationwide and is actively seeking new locksmith partners across the US. If you are an existing locksmith technician interested in becoming a Discount Locksmith partner you are encouraged to contact them by phone or through their website for more information.

For more information about Discount Locksmith LLC and specifically their new 24 hour service offerings in Scottsdale you can call or visit them online at:


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