Discount Locksmith LLC Now Providing Mobile Locksmith Service in Springfield, Missouri

Discount Locksmith LLC, a national mobile locksmith services company, is now providing 24/7 locksmith services in Springfield, MO.


SPRINGFIELD, Mo.Oct. 18, 2016PRLog — Discount Locksmith LLC, a national locksmith company based out of Mesa, Arizona, has announced they are now offering mobile locksmith service in Springfield and the surrounding  cities and towns in the Greene County and Christian County areas of Missouri. The mobile locksmith company, which started offering fast and affordable discounted locksmith service in January of 2016, has rapidly grown throughout the United States.

Discount Locksmith LLC’s launching of service in Springfield, Missouri is the newest mobile service location in their ongoing expansion efforts. Discount Locksmith now offers service in eight states and is continuing its development efforts of providing affordable 24 hour a day mobile locksmith service throughout the United States. Discounts Locksmith’s successful growth in previous city expansions have them very optimistic that the service offerings in Springfield will be a success. “What separates Discount Locksmith from most other locksmith service providers is our affordable and clear, up-front locksmith pricing business model.” says JP, the CEO of Discount Locksmith LLC. “Not only do we we offer huge discounts of over 50% off regular locksmith rates, we publish a price list of the locksmith services we offer on our website so customers know the cost of locksmith services before any work begins.” Discount Locksmith believes that this clear, up-front locksmith pricing model helps avoid the issues many customers face of confusion of the costs of the services they receive.

“By changing our approach to advertising we are able to provide deeply discounted locksmith service rates to our customers.” says JP. “More and more people are using and getting their information through social media. Instead of spending advertising money on traditional advertising, we offer customers huge discounts and only ask that they share their experience on their social media channels. We’ve found that customer satisfaction has increased dramatically and customers are happy that just a minute of their time can save them a lot of money, sometimes amounting to hundreds of dollars in savings.” Discount Locksmith claims that by generating sales through customer testimonials and referrals rather than the more expensive traditional advertising methods has enabled them to provide the same high-quality service for around half the cost. They are then able to pass those savings on to the customer.

Discount Locksmith LLC plans to continue expanding their discounted locksmith services nationwide and is actively seeking new locksmith partners across the US. If you are an existing locksmith technician interested in becoming a Discount Locksmith independent partner or you are a self-motivated individual interested in a career as a locksmith, you are encouraged to contact Discount Locksmith by phone or through their website for more information.

For more information about Discount Locksmith LLC and specifically their new service offerings in Springfield, you can call or visit them online at:

Discount Locksmith LLC
Toll Free: 855-766-8899

Discount Locksmith in Springfield, MO: (417) 281-1077

About Discount Locksmith, LLC

Discount Locksmith’s corporate office is located in Mesa, AZ. All jobs are performed by technicians who are independent contractors. Limited warranty on parts may be provided by the technician. Discounted prices listed on the website available for customers who share on social media prior to the time of service. Customers who do not share on social media page prior to receiving service may be charged regular prices which may be much higher than listed discount prices. Contact a representative for more information.

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