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5 Easy Tips for Backyard Shed Security

Your backyard outdoor shed can be an attractive and easy target for thieves since they can be easy to get into and usually contain valuable, easy to move items such as tool, bikes and mowers. Here are five simple tips to help improve your backyard shed security.

5 easy & inexpensive tips for backyard shed & outbuilding security:

  1. Shed StructureInspect your shed. Plastic and metal sheds may be more secure as long as they are assembled properly and all connecting sections and bolts are tightened but a wooden shed may have loose boards or sections that may be easily pried open. Make sure your shed is maintained and the structure itself is secure.
  2. Shed DoorStrengthen the shed door. Locks and chains won’t help a weak, flimsy or rotting door that can be easily pushed or kicked open. A strong door won’t help if the decorative hinges have the bolts on the outside that can be easily removed. Make sure your shed door is in good condition, reinforced, and uses strong and properly installed hardware.
  3. Shed LightsAdd lights to your shed. Sheds are usually in remote section of the backyard, obscured from view and not well lit, if at all, making it a tempting target. Installing a floodlight or, if you don’t have access to power, solar powered motion detector lights can help deter burglars.
  4. Shed AlarmsInstall security alarms. You can easily install wireless alarms to the door and windows on your shed. Vibration sensing alarms may scare away thieves before they can get in. Alarms that are triggered after a door or window is opened may scare them away empty handed or at least with less booty than they planned on stealing!
  5. Shed LocksLock up your valuables. It’s only common sense to have a high-quality lock on the shed door but what if that doesn’t stop the burglar? Use ground and wall anchors with locks and chains for the more valuable individual items in your shed. You can also lock items together to make them more difficult to carry or wheel away.

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